Discover the Cutest Cat Scratching Post collection

Cats need to scratch objects to express themselves and mark their presence. The cat scratching post is used by cat owners who believe that their cats need to express their emotions with their claws. So the cat scratching post becomes an essential accessory to keep your home in good condition.

Our Cute Cat Scratching Post will protects your home

Keep your furniture and sofas alive with one of our Cat Scratchers! Essential to protect your furniture and allow your cat to claw!

Why does my cat claw on his Cat Scratching Post ?

We often wonder why cats claw. There are several reasons for this. First of all, to relax the muscles allowing the retraction of the claws.

Then to be ready to protect themselves in case of an attack and also for hunting by sharpening and getting rid of dead claws!

At home it will be more to mark its territory visually, with the traces of claws, and olfactory, thanks to the pheromones deposited.

How our Cute Cat Scratching Post will help to stop him from scratching the furniture ?

To save your furniture from Kitty, offer him the right places where he can scratch as much as he wants without worrying about discovering new masterpieces!