Meet our Cat Painting for a trendy decoration

Cat paintings are graphic works rich in colour, detail and meaning, depicting your favourite pet in various, even improbable situations, but always in the most beautiful way. They pay tribute to the cat through their ingenuity, humour and originality.

Cat Paintings for cat lovers

Beautiful, wild and with a unique character... this is the cat! If you want to pay tribute to this wonderful creature, buy one of our cat paintings. We offer you tigers, lions and little kittens in pictures and paintings. The "sleeping cats" and "happy cats" will make a lovely decoration for the child's room. Teenagers, on the other hand, will love the "Cat in the Hat". The "White Tiger", just like the snow leopard, will underline the cold character of Scandinavian interiors. The yellow leopard with its green eyes and green jungle background will underline the bohemian character of the interior. Add wild plants for a real 3D effect! If you are looking for a decoration for a feminine room in a shabby chic style, the "Sweet Kitty" kitten painting at the "Lover of rest" will be ideal.

Cat Painting in abstract style

The bright colors of cat paintings in abstract style will attract the attention of your guests and give character to the interior of your flat. The orange, green and blue "Multicoloured Cats" will manage to brighten up any room: the children's room, the kitchen and even the office. They will be perfect for modern style rooms. The "Fairy Tale Cats", with their more sober but still very cheerful colours, will appeal to all feline lovers, whatever their age. Because of the pink shades, we particularly recommend it for girls, teenagers and women. The vases will highlight the interesting shapes of these paintings, and if they are in the same colours as the cats, the effect will be impressive! Children also love animals in pictures. Wall paintings in their rooms can help them to have unforgettable adventures in their imagination. Combined with corresponding decorative objects and toys, cat pictures will allow children to easily evolve in a world of unlimited and unique fantasies. It is also an opportunity to teach them about the diversity of animals. It has been observed that this subject stimulates children's interest and this is an opportunity for us to help them learn more about the wonderful world of animals. Make their world interesting, and they will love to learn. You can also combine the wild cat pictures with other exotic animals such as parrots, elephants, giraffes or snakes.

Colorful Cat Painting inspired by the pop art aesthetic

Wild cats in pop art style will give energy and character to discos, art schools or youth rooms. The "Mint Tiger" on the black background will match perfectly with mint, white, youth, pink and grey furniture. Tiger's Roar" is ideal for simple and uniform interiors. Also the lion painting "King of Colours". The original cat painting "Tiger's Eye" will fit in anywhere, but with animal patterned elements: blanket, rug, curtains, etc., it can create a complete room decor. Your room will look really wild with this. Add exotic plants and create a real jungle in your room! Except that you don't risk a sting or any other unpleasant adventure. If you're wild at heart and like a little adventure, pictures of wild felines are perfect for you and your home. Cat pictures will delight your eyes with their amazing colours and perfectly visible details. They will create a relaxing and stimulating atmosphere in the room. Have a great adventure!