Embellish your ears with our Cat Earrings !

Aiming for feline elegance? A beautiful pair of cat earrings should complement your outfit. Indeed, our felines are a true source of inspiration that must hang from your ears

Always keeping the little detail that will remind you of the silhouette of your favorite animal, cat earrings will give you a distinguished and out of the ordinary look. What to always attract the best compliments you will not expect.

Who should wear Cat Earrings ?

The earring is a piece of jewelry and body adornment that dates back thousands of years. Usually for women, it is also worn by men who want to stand out in an original way.

What styles of Cat Earrings are there?

At Cats Lover, we like to offer you a variety of products that will embellish your earlobe:

Stud Earrings are the most discreet pair and go with most of your day-to-day outfits. They fit into your pierced ears and are attached with buttons called "Belgian strollers" or "butterfly strollers".
These earrings cover the tip of the earlobe and contrast with the color of your skin. Small enough, they do not tend to cling to your hair.

If you want to reveal your neck by tying your hair back, you should choose dangling earrings that will add movement. The clasp can be in pushers or clips.
They are distinguished by an ear decoration that is longer than the lobe, which sways as you walk. They can give you a very romantic ethnic or bohemian look.

You don't have time to handle your ear jewelry? Opt for the Ear Pendants whose hook goes through the piercing and points downwards, which helps to secure the hook.

What are the Cat Earrings materials?

At cats lover, you will find silver jewelry, stainless steel jewelry, and costume jewelry (silver plated, or yellow gold plated, rose gold, ..).

Sterling Silver 925 is suitable for sensitive skin because it does not cause allergies. Silver Earrings are therefore an ideal gift for any occasion and you will not be afraid to give them.

Your Cat Earrings can feature beautiful sensual Designs that recall the femininity and grace of your pet. They can also be set with semi-precious stones in the form of round pearls (topaz, onyx..) or they can shine like Diamond thanks to Zirconium, or Zirconium Oxide stones: resistant, durable, and of course more affordable.

We also have gold or silver plated earrings so the base material can be polymer, brass, nickel...

Whatever the material, you will find at vraiment-chat original shapes and you will always enjoy having your ears adorned with beautiful earrings for women or men in the image of your favorite animal.
Browse through our other collections of cat jewelry to find the perfect complement to your outfit (rings, pendants, etc.)

How to take care of your Cat Earrings?

Regular use, sweat, liquids and chemicals can wear out your earrings over time.
It is very easy to make them shine again. I will give you some jewelry tips to preserve your earrings and studs.
First of all, be careful not to wear them overnight but remove them before bedtime.

To wash them, a mixture of hot water and baking soda where you let the silver and gold earrings soak for two hours. Then rinse and wipe with a soft cloth (or chamois)

Fancy curls can be cleaned with white vinegar and a used toothbrush. Then use a soft cloth to remove the moisture.

Regularly wipe your earrings to remove any dirt and sweat that may have accumulated with daily wear.

A jewelry box is ideal for their conservation.