Cat Sweatshirt

Cat Sweatshirt Collection : A real cat lovers

Enjoy a soft and warm piece of clothing that really looks like you in your cat sweatshirt! Inspired by cats, you love to have them on you at all times and we totally understand!

In our collection of hoodies and sweatshirts, you have indeed something to please you: cat sweatshirt that can come with extra features like pointed ears on the hood or a belly pocket to let your furry companion in.

Cat Sweatshirt: How do I care ?

All items in the collection are machine washable at 30° Celsius to preserve the fabric and colors of your garment as long as possible.

Cat Sweatshirt : How do I return if I don't like it?

No problem! Contact our customer service by email and tell us that you want to return your cat sweatshirt within 14 days! Be sure to return the package intact in its packaging and you will be fully refunded.

Exchange conditions are different, please check our return and refund policy.