Cat Stick Toy Collection : feathers and bells to have fun together

Even if they are mostly known for their legendary independence, cats are playful animals. A pen cap lying on the floor, a fly flying, a plastic bag or an empty tissue box... Everything is a pretext for play for your fur ball! Among the multitude of toys and games available on the market today, the cat duster toy is one of the best-sellers! So which model of feather duster should you choose to play with your pet? Why and how to use this type of toy, to be sure to entertain your hairball?  

Cat Stick Toy : bells, feathers and ribbons!

Cats of all ages love to play with small objects that jump, fly and shake when they get close. Easy to find in stores or to make yourself, cat duster toys allow you to share an unforgettable moment of play with your pet. Your feline is systematically attracted by a cork that bounces on the ground or by the untied lace of one of your shoes? If so, offering him to play with a feather duster will certainly make him happy! There are many models of feather toys on the market today. All feather duster toys have more or less the same characteristics. The toy consists of a wooden or soft plastic rod, more or less long (between 40 cm and 75 cm for the models adapted to big cats). Real feathers or other types of small entertaining toys are attached to the end of the stick, usually about 10 cm long. These can be bells, rustling paper, natural or synthetic feathers, ruffled ribbons, small rubber bands, or pieces of colorful, lightweight fabric. The more colorful and fragrant the feather duster, the more your cat is attracted to the toy! Real feathers have a particular smell, which can vary in strength. To reinforce this smell, the natural feathers of cat feathers are sometimes dyed with food coloring. When his master waves the wand on the ground or in the air, the cat focuses all his attention on these feathers and these small moving objects. It tries, by all means, to catch them. If your cat does manage to tear off pieces of the toy, be sure to pick them up and put them out of reach so they don't get swallowed. A damaged toy can be dangerous for your cat.

Why invest in a Cat Stick Toy

As everyone knows, cats love to hide in boxes, run behind laser beams or chase small feathered toys. This allows them to exercise to stay in shape, to share a moment of complicity with their master and to find their hunting instinct.

To share a moment together

To play with his feather duster, your cat needs you! Indeed, you are the only one who can make this soft and colorful little stick wag, so entertaining for your pet. Playing with your cat allows you to build a close bond with your cat and strengthen your emotional relationship. During these moments of entertainment (daily, ideally), you are indeed totally available and attentive to your pet. These special moments allow you to build a relationship based on trust, throughout your cat's life. Entertaining your cat with a play duster helps to make him or her more confident and serene on a daily basis. Your cat enjoys a close relationship with its owner in a stable environment. It is then much less anxious, less sensitive to stress and diseases.

To make your cat move by awakening its predatory instinct

Use a feather duster for cats consists in making a small feathered object fly and twirl in the air. At the sight of this flying prey, your cat automatically regains its primary hunting instinct! Even though cats living in apartments don't often have the opportunity to hunt real prey, their predatory instincts are easy to awaken. A simple piece of string can be enough to stimulate their curiosity. Feather dusters and cat sticks, which allow you to move fake prey (birds, small snakes or insects, mice...), are always a big hit with our feline friends. Whether it's a kitten or a senior cat, the animal is naturally attracted to a feather duster that looks like a real bird to him. The bright colors, the smell and look of the feathers, the sound of any bells, the rapid and repeated movements... Everything about this toy attracts him and can bring out his hunting reflexes. The more you move the feather duster, the more your cat will spend by jumping on its prey! This will keep your cat fit and healthy. An animal that moves and exercises daily is less likely to develop heart disease, muscle problems or joint problems.

The Cat Stick Toy, the alternative to the feather duster

Similar to the feather duster, the cat rod (or cat fishing rod) works on the same principle. Simply wiggle the rod to move the small accessories and objects attached to its end. A string is installed between the rod and the small toys. More or less long, it allows to isolate even more the hands and the wrists of the user at the time of the game. It also allows the feathers or bells to zigzag and fly even faster and higher! Up to 2 m long, the cat rods can be equipped with long boas made of real feathers, elastic ribbons or even small sound objects that simulate the sounds of the prey. As for the cat duster, you can make your own cat cane and share a moment of complicity with your fur ball!