Cat Toy Stick with Feather

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Keep your cat in shape with the Cat Toy Stick with Feather.

Characteristics of the Cat Toy Stick with Feather

  • The wand has a small bell to alert your cat to your play session, and a beautiful feathered toy in bright, attractive colors.
  • For an active and healthy cat!
  • A cat that moves and exercises will be happier and mentally healthier. He'll be grateful and enjoy being your companion for life.
  • Fortunately, there is a toy called the " Cat Wand" that is ideal for increasing the interaction between you and your cat. The natural movement of the guinea fowl feather at the end of the wand activates the cat's natural reflex.
  • The flexible, long-range wire allows you to play in a wider area to exercise and stimulate your cat.
  • The colorful feather and small bell at the end easily attract your cat's attention and arouse his curiosity.
  • The Plimo cat toy will allow you to stimulate your cat while staying at a distance. Leaving the toy near the cat when you are away is very interesting for him because it avoids loneliness and makes him happy throughout the day.
  • It is also important to play with your cat, regardless of age, as play is beneficial to his health, but most importantly, play helps your cat exercise his natural hunting instincts.