Cat Necklace: The ultimate collection

Grrrrr... be feline! Adopt one of these sublime Cat Necklace that will go wonderfully well with all your outfits. Unique necklaces that will make more than one of your friends jealous!

Around your neck, your cat pendant makes you totally irresistible! For women or men, let our cat-themed pendants be the voice of your love for cats and enjoy them with you wherever you go.

Pair them with matching rings and bracelets or wear them alone and let their animal beauty light up your outfit. Whether for yourself or as a gift for a cat lover you care about, these cat necklaces are perfect for anyone who loves them.

The different styles of Cat Necklace 

You will always find a piece of jewelry that will make you fall in love with it at Really-Cat. Whether it's for everyday or for special occasions, the pendant will get you noticed and praised.

At a glance, browse through our collection which will amaze you with its originality and diversity of designs. Sold with its necklace, the pendant arrives at your home ready to use, usually packed in a protective box.

Silver cat necklace

In general, at vraiment-chat, many of the jewelry items presented are made of silver, because of its quality of finish, its sturdiness, its hypoallergenic side. You can therefore wear the symbol of your love of cats without fear of adverse effects on your skin.

Cat necklace with brilliant stones

The stones add a certain charm and a touch of boldness and sophistication. Pay attention to the color you're looking for so you can match it to your outfit.

Cats pendants of the sautoir type

The sautoir type is characterized by a longer chain, 50cm and more, which will make your Cat Pendant fall lower on your chest. It will stand out even more because it will easily contrast with the color of your evening dress or skin tone.

Pendants with earrings

Why make complicated when you can make simple? The store can offer a complete set of matching pendants and earrings to save you considerable time. You get without much effort, a complete set to quickly prepare your outing with friends or lovers.

How to wear your Cat Necklace ?

In general, you let your pendant hang around your neck so that it is close to the heart. At the end of its chain, your heart pendant takes all its meaning to better reveal your passion for cats and felines, as well as your love for your furry friend.

Take advantage of a neckline or an open shirt to show your pendant on your chest. This will look best with an evening dress for example. In cooler weather, the long chain will be enhanced by the contrast provided by your darker clothing, and will let the light reflect naturally on your pendant.

Let your imagination run wild! One cat pendant is fine. But why not two? And after the neck, why not the wrist or the ankle? With the right chain, you will be able to exploit all the possibilities that your jewel offers you to associate it to the occasion of the moment.

Cat Necklace with high quality materials 

Timeless jewelry, the neck ornament has crossed the ages to become even more sophisticated and make you even more beautiful: with its setting that can be 925 Sterling Silver, Rhodium, 18K gold plated, stainless steel, your cat pendant becomes even more precious by adorning itself with semi-precious stones, opal, jade or crystal, or zirconium oxide.

Your Silver Jewelry is an excellent choice. Sterling silver 925 is of very good quality: the mixture of silver (originally soft) with other metals gives brilliance, strength, durability to your material.

Why choose your Cat Necklace from Cats Lover ?

Wouldn't you like to embellish yourself with a pendant whose brilliance is comparable to that of a diamond? And without breaking the bank at the jeweler's by choosing our jewelry with Zirconium oxides, resistant and durable over time. This will offer you an excellent quality-price ratio.