Cat Angel Necklace

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Add a touch of Egypt on your neck with the timeless Cat Angel Necklace !

Exoticism remains a sure value in a cat jewel. Your Egyptian Cat Pendant will not tell you otherwise! Your pendant alone mixes three symbols of ancient Egypt:

- the cat representing the goddess Bastet
- the wings of Maat, goddess of justice
- the cross of life on the neck of the cat, called Ankh. Symbol, among other things, of life and fertility

With your winged cat around your neck, add some ancient Egyptian magic to your daily life. This subtle mix of felinity and history will brighten up your outfit and attract the curious who will ask you lots of questions. It's up to you to get ready!

Feature of the Cat Angel Necklace

  • Superb: beautiful pendant made of zinc mix, plated with bronze or silver
  • Compact size: 1,57" x 2,68" / 40 x 68 mm
  • Necklace: leather, metal or fabric (cotton)