You need to adorn your finger now, and it deserves its Cat Ring !

Our selection of trendy and feline Cat Rings to feel tigress and feminine to the tip of your fingers. Silver or steel rings, open or closed, we offer you an interesting choice to make you a proud and confident cat lover.

The advantages of choosing a Cat Ring

Rings have always been part of body decorations, and have been for thousands of years (the oldest rings can date back more than 20,000 years). Over time, materials have evolved to become more resistant and aesthetic.
Cat rings respect this ancestral tradition and place on your phalanges thousands of years of history and research to combine in one accessory different precious metals and shiny stones with always this feline aspect to surround your ring with a cat aura.

Some examples that you will like:

• The Silver Cat's Paws Ring with three bells in the shape of cat prints, very cute
• The Sleeping Cat Ring that surrounds your finger with a realistic silhouette of a sleeping cat
• The 925 silver Diamond Cat Ring that will surprise you with the beauty of its details

A kitty Cat Ring for every occasion

Cat jewelry is the work of jewelers who are also passionate about their art. They apply their know-how to represent the cat or the feline with ingenuity and in a minimalist way, with just enough to make you feel pleasure to find the common points with your favorite animal.
Our rings are all unique and come with their own design and composition.

You'll know how to match a ring for your outings with friends, your romantic walks, or just to combine with your outfit.
Steel rings: they will offer you a certain shine and durability, and in silver, they will be sublime and will protect you from allergies if you have a sensitive skin. If they are decorated with Zircon, their diamond-like brilliance will seem irresistible.

Give and get a Cat Ring!

If you're visiting our store, you may already be a well-informed cat lover who knows how to take care of his or her pets. You and your life partner richly deserve a little gift that represents your efforts!

To properly choose your cat ring size, use the measurement guide that is easily linked in our various descriptions. Some of our rings are adjustable but for others, be sure to note your measurement so you can quickly select your gifts.

Quality in original Cat Ring

• The Gold Cat Ring
You will find on the Boutique cat rings in Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold, which are therefore 18 carat gold-plated jewelry. As for the earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants on the site, the quality of your gold jewelry remains at the rendezvous and allows an impeccable rendering that lasts in time.

As with gold jewelry from traditional jewelry stores, it is natural to notice a slight loss of hue due to regular use. But the color of the Gold Plated Engagement Ring is always present and pleasing to the eye.

• The Silver Cat Ring
The 925 sterling silver is solid silver where the amount of pure silver is 92.5%, the rest is an alloy of metal (copper, zinc, brass ..). This makes for a more solid piece of jewelry that is easier to handle by jewelers.

The hallmark on the Silver Rings in the store is the sign that 925 silver has been used in the making of the jewel, whether it is solid silver or silver plated.

On the other hand, there is Rhodium plated silver where rhodium is applied on top of the silver jewelry to give it a longer life.

• The Steel Cat Ring
The store's rings are made of stainless steel. The appearance is a little less shiny than a silver or gold ring, but the beauty of the jewelry lasts a long time despite the influence of oxides. Fans appreciate the versatility of this material which offers a "raw" look and allows to obtain a thin ring but also a heavier ring.

Beware, unlike silver, it can cause allergies on sensitive skin.

• The Cat Fancy Ring
The Fancy Ring Jewelry keeps a special place in the hearts of customers. Set with precious stones, sapphire or pearls, it can imitate the brilliance of diamonds (zirconium oxide) or the transparency of crystal. Fancy jewelry offers an infinite number of variations and combinations of fine stones, quartz, turquoise, rhinestones, onyx and other semi-precious stones.

The ring woman fancy can also be revealed in another material than metal as by wood or ceramic. For men, the cat rings remain a timeless choice but declined in the feline ring style, brings their originality.

Indeed, the designers give themselves the opportunity to express themselves fully in the choice of metals: not only gold and silver, but also platinum, rush, zirconium oxides, topaz, quartz crystals.

A smart choice with the Adjustable Cat Ring

No more problem of finger width ! Opt for a beautiful open ring that is sure to please!

Whether it's a Solitaire Ring or a Cocktail Ring, a Sterling Silver Ring or a Gold Wedding Band, your gift will expand or shrink to fit your fingertips! We have a wide selection of open chat rings in our collections that combine the benefits of metals (non-allergenic) and the convenience of adjustable opening.

Maintaining your Cat Ring

The solution to maintain the quality of your cat rings for a long time? Soak them in white vinegar for two hours or in a mixture of water and baking soda. Rinse with clear water and clean with a soft cloth. That was really easy!