A beautiful Cat Bracelet ornament around your wrist

With cat bracelets, give yourself a touch of elegance on your wrist to add the final touch to your style.

Animal jewelry is an age-old custom where wearers believed in the positive powers that the spirits would bring to them. The cat was also deified in the past and believers wore cat-themed jewelry and bracelets.

Browse our collection of cat bracelets and charms that are sure to find a place in your gallant jewelry box. We're sure you'll find the one that suits you best.

What is a Cat Bracelet ?

It is a decoration with feline symbolism that can be attached to your bracelet, chain or necklace. They come in a variety of inspirations, but on really-cat, we only focus on feline pets. It's up to you to collect charms showing kittens standing, lying down, playing or rolling around in the cutest way possible. Cat lovers appreciate having more than one on their wrist, because "one is not enough".

Of course, a charm is a gift that will always please.

We always try to send you your charm either in a gift box or in a cute little fabric pouch. This often makes a nice effect and you can give the charm directly to your friend.

How do I choose my Cat bracelet ?

There are generally two types of cat bracelet: the Pendant charm will be presented as a ring to which the cat decoration is attached, while the Pearl Charms are strung directly on your bracelet.

For a pendant charm, think of a piece of jewelry that is connected to you by a ring, that dangles and moves with your movements as a pendant would. This type of charm allows you to expand the possibilities of designs and shapes because the jeweler can let his creativity express itself and he will only have to add a ring to his work.

For a Bead charm, imagine a necklace of pierced shells that you thread one after the other on a small string. It is the same thing here, your "Bead" decoration is pierced in its center to be threaded on your bracelet. It has the advantage of offering a round and compact shape which harmonizes with your bracelet or your necklace while remaining discrete.

How much does a Cat Bracelet cost ?

You will find a range of bracelet decorations at various prices from 15 to 30 euros. From the Kitten trying to hang on to a branch to the one holding a plate with the inscription "Meow", you will always find an adorable charm you will love to wear.

On your really-cat store, the charms are made of 925/1000 sterling silver and can be set with shiny stones in Zirconia, Opal, ... The set breathes quality and is accessible at a good price.

How do I take care of my Cat Bracelet ?

At cat-lovers, the bracelet decorations are usually made of silver. This allows on the one hand to offer a hypoallergenic material (which does not cause allergy on sensitive skin) and on the other hand to be easily cleaned, under a soft cloth that will remove sweat, grease and dirt, or thanks to a soak in a mixture of hot water and baking soda to remove dust thoroughly and prolong the shine of the material