Cat Stick Fishing Pole

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Give your cat some excitement with the Cat Stick Fishing Pole !

Here is an innovative Cat Toy where you have a fishing rod with reel, and instead of the hook, you have a cute goldfish with feathers. Like a real Fishing Rod, you can play with the length of the line.

This time, it's not fish that you'll catch but the attention of your cat or kitten! Try to mimic the unpredictable movements of a goldfish swimming in the water and watch your pet's eyes focus on its prey.

Like a classic wand, the rope connects the rod and the goldfish cat toy; and you'll have fun "pulling on the line" to make the "bait" move!

Your cats will love this new cat toy and you will have fun with this innovative and entertaining product.

Features of your Cat Stick Fishing Pole

  • Materials: fabric fish + cotton, with synthetic feathers. Fishing rod made of wood and plastic.
  • Dimensions: Minimum 17" / 42 cm, max 29" / 74 cm