Squeaky Mouse on a Stick Cat Toy

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Keep your pet in shape with movement-filled play sessions with the Squeaky Mouse on a Stick Cat Toy.

Good health comes from a little exercise. Share good times playing with your cat, thanks to your red Mouse Cat Wand. Made of sturdy materials and safe for his claws and teeth, your cat toy will please him and you will have as much fun as he does.

The wooden wand is connected to the toy by a white string and a small bell that rings the beginning of the game. Your kitten will love to run to grab his red toy and chew on it with his fangs.

Awaken his hunting instinct and keep your four-legged friend in shape. His vitality will be better and he will grow up happy with his owners who love to play with him.

Characteristics of the Squeaky Mouse on a Stick Cat Toy

  • Dimensions: Stick 40, String 55, Toy 10 cm (16", 27" and 4")