Triangle Cat Scratcher

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A Triangle Cat Scratcher house totally adapted for kittens or pets with reduced mobility! Its triangular shape with scratch zones is super clever and smart!

Triangular kennel with Sisal-covered claw zones on the sides. This makes it twice as easy for your cat to satisfy its clawing urges.

A suitable size with a wide base of 19" / 48 cm so that it does not move easily. If your cat is a little older, it will love to be able to hide there at any time without effort to climb on platforms.

A clever foldable format that you can move whenever you want. Put it in a corner you can watch over

Triangle Cat Scratcher Features

  • A plush and soft look that will please your pet. It will be cozy!
  • Easily washable by removing the outer part using the zipper
  • Bonus: a hanging ball for entertainment when your pet wakes up!