Elephant Cat Scratcher

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If you are looking for a beautiful Elephant Cat Scratcher for your cat, then we can reassure you that you come to the right place !

This cat scratching toy features a unique shape that allows your cat to rest comfortably. This scratching post allows cats to have fun scratching both indoor and outdoor surfaces, soothing their behavior by providing new ways to scratch.

This scratching toy can be used as a bed, cushion and toy for your cat. Surrounded by cardboard, this scratching post is ideal for healthy claw maintenance, exercise, muscle toning and stress relief for your cats.

Features of the Elephant Cat Scratcher

• Save your furniture and carpets from claw damage.

• You'll be happy to see the cats having fun scratching on the cardboard.

• This elephant cat scratching post may well attract cats' attention and provide a suitable place to protect furniture from claw damage.