Cat Scratching Post with Bed

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Meet the multi purposeĀ Cat Scratching Post with Bed that willĀ give you the versatility you are looking for !Ā 

A Cat Tree for Clawing

If you have an indoor cat, maybe you need cat trees? You can find their benefits by turning this portable scratching post into a miniature Cat Tree! Unfold it and fold it into a trunk shape in a jiffy: your cats can now climb it and use it as a scratching post or scratching post to relax.

Scratchers on all sides

With its structure made entirely of reinforced corrugated paper, it will delight the claws of the cat who will appreciate the small honeycomb cells. These offer enough resistance not to hurt your kitten and his little cat's claw.

A basket for resting

Remove the rubber bands and turn the portable scratching post into a cat basket. Your kitten will be able to come on it, scratch, place its pheromones and take its little nap before coming back to thank you with cuddles.

A Round Cat Scratcher with a very clever design

Its accordion system is a very ingenious design trick, which allows many transformations from its initial shape. Like the musical instrument, it extends and retracts under your fingers. It is fun and at the same time very easy to handle, like a long coil.

It's a real Swiss Army knife with which you can make a cat tree, a basket, or all sorts of shapes where Kitty claws, plays and rests.

Take it everywhere thanks to its mini size
A traditional cat basket or cat house takes up a certain amount of space, especially if it's proportional to the size of your pet. Save space with the Cat Scratching Post: ideal when you go on vacation, this foldable basket will take up very little space in your trunk.

Characteristics of the Cat Scratching Post with Bed

  • Dimensions: 20" / 50 cm in diameter when unfolded.
  • Multifunctional: cat scratching post, cat tree, scratching post.
  • High quality recyclable material: environmentally friendly cardboard and corrugated paper