Wave Cat Scratcher

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Does your favorite pet like to watch the waves by your side ? Give him better sensations with the Wave Cat Scratcher and its wavy shape!

On the bumps of the scratching post, your cat will feel like a surfer on his board. The dimples are there so he can dip his claws without hurting himself when he wants to work his paws.

Moreover, he will love to nap on it and rest his head on the higher parts that serve as pads.

Your Wave Cat Scratch Pad comes with a bag of Catnip to entice felines to come over. This catnip has the effect of attracting him like a magnet and awakening his desire to play.

Characteristics of the Wave Cat Scratcher

  • Materials: cardboard suitable for claws
  • Dimensions: Length 44cm, Width 21.5cm, Thickness 5.5 cm (17x8x2")