Wall Cat Tree

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Your cat likes to scratch your curtains?  We have the solution with this Wall Cat Tree that will allow him to satisfy his desires without destroying your furniture!

Indeed, your cat scratches for many reasons and it is up to you to include this process in your interior design. In fact, consider it as a primary need but quite "normal", equivalent for a human to have a bed or a toothbrush.

In addition to offering an important clawing area (minimum 37" 93cm), the Wallou wall-mounted cat tree has a resting platform where your cat will love to rest and admire its environment.

Once again, you are meeting a need of your companion who likes the feeling of security that the height offers him.

More details about the Wall Cat Tree 

The wall-mounted cat tree is the best choice if you are looking for a more compact size than the classic trees. For example, your apartment is not very large or you have other bulky furniture.

So the remaining space you can devote to your companion is limited but this cat tree format is adequate!

In addition, a wall-mounted cat tree is "fixed" to your wall. It fulfills the first objective of a cat tree which is: to be robust to resist the movements and jumps of your pet. Thus, it will not move a hair and will offer a stable and reassuring place to your cat.

With our Wall Cat Tree, you will have a product with a quality pine wood with a thick and robust claw area.