Transparent Cat Mug

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For great tasting coffee, you need a cup that looks great the moment you pick it up: The Transparent Cat Mug will satisfies your craving of flavor and give you a great morning mood !

A clear glass mug with a handle that beautifully draws a cat's tail. Indeed, the black silhouette is on the cup and continues on the handle of the cup.

A design that will please by its simplicity and the highlighting of the black cat drawing. Depending on the cup, the cat silhouette is accompanied by either piano keys or colored dots.

Capacity of 300mL, enough to wake you up with a feline energy!

Characteristics of the Transparent Cat Mug

  • Dimensions: height 3,35" / 8.5cm x diameter 3,2" / 8cm
  • Capacity: max 300mL