Pet Hair Brush

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Meet the Pet Hair Brush !

🐶 Nowadays, it will be fun to grooming your furry friend with our latest innovation: The Pet hair Brush. For Cats or for Dogs, this product is a must have and your baby will love being brushed !

😺 The Pet Hair Brush have several features. It's not only eliminates tangles and kinks as normal brush would do. It also improves his hair conditions and your pets will absolutely love being brushed off by it!

The Pet Hair Brush is our latest innovation

✅  The bristles of the pet hair brush are thin and curved specially designed to get deep into the coat and are able to groom the undercoat well without damaging your pet's skin!
*Tip* : Did you know that frequent brushing and massaging (once a week) can help to fluidify your pet's blood circulation and eases their anxiety. 🐶

The Pet Hair Brush is easy to clean

✅  When you’re finished to brush your pet, simply click the button and the bristles retract back into the brush. Easy as that ! The Pet hair brush has been design to make the hair removing process as simple as possible as our engineers knew this was a pain point for every pet's owner on traditional pet hair remover.
Your Pet Hair Brush is always ready to use for the next time. 🐶

The Pet Hair Brush is the last brush you'll ever buy

✅  Made from safe and durable materials, our brush has been designed with an agreable grip and an anti-slip design handle which prevents hand and wrist strain doesn't matter the time you spend on the grooming.  😺 

The Pet Hair Brush works on any hair types

✅  Doesn't matter if your pet's hair are short or long, thick, thin or curly, the professional Pet Hair Brush will handle everything !
Get the best for your pets: Make his coat smooth and glossy ! 😺  🐶

Pet Hair Brush features :

  • Size: 7.99 x 3.43 x 2.91 inches; 
  • Weight: 5.54 Oz / 157g
  • Agreable grip & anti-slip design