Lucky Cat Piggy Bank

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Save slowly but surely with your Lucky Cat Piggy Bank. It represents the cat Maneki Neko, symbol of success and prosperity.

With its dimensions of 4,33" x 4,33" x 4" (11x11x10cm), your piggy bank is big enough to hold a maximum of coins.

In the shape of a big white cat, whose raised paws hold two bells, the animal smiles at you and wishes you good things for the future. A necklace around his neck also has a bell.

You can choose from 8 different colors, each one of which portends a wish for happiness in the future.

The coin slot is behind the cat's head so it doesn't interfere with the design.

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Characteristics of the Lucky Cat Piggy Bank 

  • Materials: porcelain
  • Dimensions: width 11 x height 10 cm (4,33" x 4")
  • Delivery: delivered in its decorative box