Kitty Head Band

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A party, a birthday, a surprise party, but no idea? Here we say "Everyone in Cat" with these Kitty Head Band.

Multicolored, there are enough tastes to fill 11 heads full of joy and laughter. Guaranteed to make for wild and funny entertainment. Animal games to roar with pleasure and jump like antelopes in the savanna.

This cat headband is topped with two small pointed ears, and with its cartoon design, you'll forget about discretion!

This accessory will be perfect with all your outfits with its different colors and also suitable for all occasions (festival, birthday, cosplay) and holidays (Easter, Christmas, Pentecost, Ascension).

It is also suitable for adults!

You'll be the cutest and most touching with this cat costume accessory. Maybe you'll meet another cat and spend your evening meowing together in the moonlight.
The hardest part will be forgetting such intense moments on Cat Day.

Kitty Head Band Features:

  • Gender: Female, Girl
  • Product Type: Headband
  • Number: 11 pieces
  • Materials: plastic
  • Design type: Cartoon
  • Occasion: Party, Festival, Birthday, Cosplay

Type of design: Animal
Character: Cat headband
Holiday: Easter, Christmas, Pentecost, Ascension