Kitty Figurines

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For gift or for decoration, please with this set of 8 cute Kitty Figurines.

Theses kitties are very expressive and adorable ! On your shelf, your bedside table, your dresser at the entrance, place these cute little kittens to give the room an atmosphere!

A meowing cat says "hello" when you open the door and welcomes you (yes, you are in his house and not the other way around). A sad-looking cat wants your attention: go spend some time playing with him!

A wide-eyed cat has surely spotted a bird at the window! Or is it a squirrel? Go and see what's going on outside... Lots of possible situations with adorable Kittens to place at home, or to offer!

Kitty Figurines Features

  • Dimensions: 1,1" (Height) X 0,8" (Width) (3 x 2 cm)
  • Materials: PVC