Kitty Cat Watch

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Rediscover life through this Kitty Cat Watch.

With the Kitty Cat Watch, you'll get an idea of how your pet spends his day. This way, you'll know he's happy because of you and the happiness you bring to his life.

Your activities outside the home will go more smoothly now that you know everything is going well in your home.

You'll also be able to plan your day around his needs. You know he's in a playful mood at 6pm? Be home in time to enjoy a good play session and exercise his natural hunting skills. That way, your relationship will be deeper and more trusting, allowing your cat to grow up healthy.

What does this Kitty Cat Watch say about you ?

The Cat Time Watch is a Hand Watch that has the time indications suggested by beautiful drawings of cats in different positions: sleeping, playing, waiting for you. These Cat Drawings suggest the daily activity of your feline and remind you that it will soon be time to take care of him.

The different colors offered for this fashion accessory allow you to choose the one that best suits your clothing style. A cat watch is definitely an easy ornament for your wrist and gives character to your movements. Don't hesitate to wear it often!

Features of the Kitty Cat Watch

  • Cute Quartz watch with white dial
  • Hour numbers replaced by humorous drawings of Cat
  • Watchband made of soft faux leather, non-allergenic.
  • Length of the bracelet: 9,1" / 23 cm
  • Width of the bracelet: 0,75" / 19 mm