Kitty Cat Mug

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Make the pleasure last with the Little Kitty Cat Mug and its cute lid that keeps the heat in. Enjoy a quiet moment and your tea will be even better!

Adorable Mug Chat with rounded and soft shapes. The coloring (blue, pink or yellow) is uniform with light touches of pepper, which gives an authentic touch and adds quality to the product.

On the cup you will see a nice inscription "Good Time. We are having a great time". You too can have a great time with the Little Cat Mug
The last decorative touch on the mug is a drawing of a white cat with pink ears playing with its ball of wool.
The handle is the same color as the mug and shows a small fish on the top where it meets the mug.
The wooden lid is decorated in the center with a small white cat head with pink ears. The lid is open on the side, leaving room for your coffee spoon.
Ceramic cup with the dimensions: height 5,5" x diameter 3,5" (14 x 9 cm)

What comes with the Kitty Cat Mug

  • One Kitty Cat Mug
  • A wooden lid
  • A coffee spoon