Funny Cat Statue

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Despite the unfortunate event, there is no question of crying! These Funny Cat Statue have understood this and perform the famous "Coffin Dance"!

It's not sadness that fills the eyes of these animals.

They are proud to carry their fallen comrade and display a dignified and dancing pause!

Keep your head up too for this troupe of artists who are supporting for the last time their colleague from the Chat-Business!

They pay tribute by carrying and dancing under the coffin to make the procession more cheerful and celebrate life!

Specifications of the Funny Cat Statue

  • Materials: PVC
  • Dimensions: Cat about 2,2" / 5,6 cm, coffin 2,2" x 1,2" (5,6 x 3 cm)
  • Usage: cat carries style, cat carries airpods, cat carries fruit, ...