Egyptian Cat Statue

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Meet the Egyptian Cat Statue. A nice decorative piece particularly interesting by the quality of its finishing and its chic and prestigious aspect.

The Egyptian goddess Bastet, protector of the home, is dressed in her finest attire to protect your home. With her perfect feline figure, she controls all her territory with a benevolent and sure eye. She has the support of the sun god Ra whose necklace and pendant she wears.

The shape of the cat is slender and reflects the muscularity of felines. This feature reinforces the "strength" contained in the Egyptian cat deity and gives the owner of the statue confidence in the divine ability of the Cat Goddess.

The beautiful polished and shiny appearance of the sculpture affirms the feeling of luxury emanating from the statue. This makes it the perfect ornament for your home, or a great gift that is sure to be appreciated.

Characteristics of the Egyptian Cat Statue

  • Dimensions : 7,4" x 5,1" x 14" (18 x 13 x 36 cm)
  • Weight: 1 lb 12 oz (900 g)
  • Materials: superior resin
  • Usage: gift, present, special occasion, decoration, decorative figurine, living room decoration, office decoration, living room, kitchen decoration, bedroom decoration