Egyptian Cat Jewellery Box

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After worshipping the Egyptian Cat Goddess, here's how to store your jewels carefully to keep them in good condition. Meet the Egyptian Cat Jewellery Box

About the Egyptian Cat Jewellery Box

  • Dimensions: height 7cm x length 12.6 x width 8cm (3x5x3")
  • Usage: Jewelry box, storage box, decoration, decorative object
  • Materials: Metal alloy
  • Color: gold
With its hieroglyphs on its sides, this beautiful cat object offers a step back in time and revisits the standards of Egyptian goldsmithing.

All detailed with symbols, you will have fun to admire it from all angles to try to decipher them.

The box opens at the top to reveal the soft fabric interior, ready to hold your jewelry. The lid features a seated cat and symbols of antiquity

Mix antique style with today's technology for a beautiful hiding place for your precious possessions