Egyptian Cat Bottle Holder

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Having a party? Amaze you guest with a beautiful Egyptian Cat Bottle Holder !

An Egyptian cat will add to your atmosphere a certain exoticism and will please your guests
In ancient Egypt, wine was the alcohol reserved for the richest, the other classes drank beer. Celebrate this magical time with a beautiful Cat bottle holder featuring a beautiful black cat sitting in front of small pyramids, which serve to hold your bottle.

The cat is very realistic and slender. Its long shape is elegant and gives a royal and prestigious look.

His ears are golden.

He wears a beautiful necklace with a detailed hieroglyph and pendant with the symbol of the god Ra.

The black cat is the representation of the goddess Bastet: protector of the home, of femininity, and of fertility

The base under the pyramids and the cat is gilded and decorated with engravings that suggest large stones for the construction of monuments.

The Egyptians were remarkable for their construction techniques which still endure today. This bottle holder is a tribute to them and will make a beautiful decorative object.

Egyptian Cat Bottle Holder Features

  • Materials : Ecological resin.
  • Paint : slightly glossy to enhance the prestigious side