Cute Cat Coffee Mugs

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What an amazing composition that this Mug in the shape of a Cat will make you smile in the morning ! You will love to enjoy your coffee in a super cute Cute Cat Coffee Mugs !

Description of the Cute Cat Coffee Mugs

  • Mug in two parts: the body of the cat (lower part with the handle) and the Cat Head (upper part serving as a lid)
  • The mug in the shape of a cat represents a cat standing on its cute little paws and forming a circle with its arms. Hop, you can put your spoon in it!
  • The cat faces drawn in manga format are expressive and too endearing! The heads will make you smile every time you see them. Show them to your guests, it's a guaranteed success!
  • The cat head serves as a lid to keep your drink warm. It is also hollow and allows you to leave the spoon inside.
  • The spoon can be finished with a small white fish, the favorite food of cats!
  • Dimensions: Diameter about 2,95" / 7.5cm, Height: 6,5" / 16.5cm if with cat head
  • Porcelain mug with a capacity of 400mL