Cat Watch Silicone

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You can choose between the different colors of the Cat Watch and its Silicone Bracelet!

Easy to wear, it is forgotten all day long as it is so light and adapted to your wrist. Move, run, jump, it remains attached to you and it is a pleasure to spend the day with.

Its flashy color gives you a boost and you know it will go with most of your outfits. Its all-purpose nature will make your Cat Watch your favorite fashion accessory very quickly.

With its cool and sleek design, its dial will make you smile every time you look at the time? What could be easier to face the day than wearing your favorite watch! It's time to get your future favorite accessory.

Suitable for all ages

For yourself or as a gift, the Silicone Cat Watch is just as suitable for the older masters as for the younger ones who will love their design on the round dial. A small black cat with big cute eyes shows the white hands that will continue to indicate the time while you are busy with your activities.

Maybe it's time to go home already? Your four-legged friends must be longing for your cuddles. Unless you already have a solution that helps you in your daily life, it's time to give your cute pets some love.

Features of your watch
  • Movement: Quartz, battery operated
  • For: women, girls
  • Display : hands
  • Style: casual
  • Dial: metal. About 0,15" / 40mm
  • Bracelet: adjustable, soft silicone, Length 9" (23 cm)