Cat Watch Glancing Kitties

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Let yourself be touched by the Cat's Eye!

It is enough that it arrives near you and its eyes tell you everything with a single glance. There is no need for words or gestures, only those deep eyes make you understand the whole story behind them. Your heart can't help but be touched by the honesty behind those two dark marbles that rely on you and no one else.

Imagine then that it's not 2, but 5 pairs staring at you saying in unison "I need you" and they won't stop until they get a favorable response. There is no heart hard enough to resist these insistent eyes that combine to get a "yes" to all their requests.

No doubt, you are one of those cat-mistresses who love to take care of her pets. Remember your love for your cats with the Cat's Eye Watch that will bring you right back to those eyes full of hope placed in you and to which you will only know how to answer in the positive.

A Women's Watch for Everyday
The Cat Watch has an elegant round brown dial with a right side push button. So you can set the time display. The dial is made of stainless steel, allowing you to wear your accessory for long hours without the risk of allergies.

On the dial of the Regard de Chats watch are 5 cats in the colors Orange, Blue, Dark Blue, Brown and Brown sitting in a circle and looking up. All these eyes are romantically turned towards you and you appreciate the beauty of your jewel that reminds you of your Cat at home.

To care for your watch, keep it dry, do not immerse it in water. Please wipe off any sweat marks regularly to keep it clean, using a soft cloth.

Characteristics of the Regard de Chats watch
  • Reinforced leatherette watchband: Length 9,1" / 23 cm, width 0,78"/ 20 mm
  • Dial diameter: about 1,49" / 38 mm
  • Dial thickness: 0,35 / 9 mm