Cat Tree with Hammock

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Beware of heights! If you have a cat that likes heights, such as the Bengal, you will be delighted that there is a Cat Tree with Hammock that suits him!

With the Luxie wooden cat tree, your cat will be able to climb to a height of over 5,7 ft / 1.75m!

Compared to a human, the world seems much bigger to a cat!

He'll be delighted to find a soft plush platform with a diameter of 12" / 31cm at the top. But first he'll have to go through all the toys that separate him from the top!

You'll appreciate its ease of construction and have fun building a tree that your pet will love.

Cat Tree with Hammock Details

  • Bonus: a soft basket
  • Weight: 15.5Kg / 34 lbs
  • Change picture to see the size of the Cat Tree with Hammock