Cat Tea Infuser

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Meet our Cat Tea Infuser. One last cup of tea, dear ?

We always have time to enjoy our cookies, especially if they're dipped in our tea. Get a delicious aroma by dipping your tea leaves with the cat-shaped tea infuser. Let it sit for a few minutes and the scent will begin to fill your dining room with an exquisite aroma.

To get the most out of your tea, your cat-shaped infuser is made up of two parts:

The upper part of the cat body with its front paws to grip the rim of your cup.
The lower part of the cat body with its flanks perforated to let the tea react with the hot water.

Features of the Cat Tea Infuser

Easy to use: you open the cat in 2, you insert the tea in the body of the cat, you introduce the infuser in the hot water

Easy to clean: you open the cat in 2, you rinse, it is finished!

Thanks to its silicone material, it resists to heat and temperatures over 200°C. You can always rely on your infuser which will keep a place of choice in your kitchen utensils.