Cat Static Brush

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A well-known problem for pet owners. Meet the Cat Static Brush.

Anyone who has pets, whether dogs or cats, knows about those situations that don't make your life easy. You get up in the morning to go to work and when you put on your jacket, it is shiny with little hairs.

You shake it and rub it with your hand, but nothing happens, an incredible number of hairs remain embedded in your clothes, and you can't get them out. You are going to be late.

Another situation: you invite some friends to your home, and tidy up your apartment and your living room when, unfortunately, your sofa has also changed its tone and is covered with hair of your favorite hairy companion.

There's so much of it that you wonder how you didn't see it before. Once again, you can't remove them in time and it's too late to clean the seats properly...

The Cat Static Brush is the solution that will save your home

With the hair removal brush, you will finally be able to remove those sticky and unsightly hairs and finally get your apartment back to its original colors and back into your nice jacket. It's so easy with a few strokes of the brush to remove all the pet hair that's spoiling your home.

Remove the brush from its case, brush to easily and effectively remove the hair and place the brush back into the case. The friction between the bristles of the pet hair brush and the case will keep the hair from your clothes and furniture in the case! The brush will remain usable for other surfaces and you will be able to remove them effortlessly.

The bristles in the brush bag accumulate at the bottom and all you have to do is open the bottom to empty it of its waste. Your pet hair brush is ready to use again.

The Cat Static Brush will help your cat's health

Less hair around you also means that it won't end up on your pet. Regularly clean the bed, the tree, the nest and your companion will lick himself less often and his grooming will be shorter because he will not swallow as much hair as if it remains stuck to him.

This anti-pet hair brush contributes to his health because it will not promote stomach disorders due to hairballs. Your cat will be grateful for all this attention.