Cat Shaped Diamond Ring

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Meet this  stunning Cat Shaped Diamond Ring  which is suitable for everyone.

With its variable width, it will fit most female fingers. This makes it a perfect gift for any occasions ! 

The cat silhouette is easily recognizable with its pointy-eared head and side whiskers. The cat's tail circles around your finger to replace itself in front of the silhouette.

Your jewelry is silver plated to avoid allergies. In addition, the cat ring is decorated with Zircon crystals (diamond-like brilliance) to bring more cachet.

Easy to maintain, take a toothbrush and dip it in baking soda to remove impurities. Wipe with a soft cloth.

Characteristics of the Cat Shaped Diamond Ring 

  • Size: adjustable
  • Materials: metal alloy, silver plated
  • Stones: Zircon