Cat Ring with Chain

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When you wear this chain ring, you will always remember your Cat playing with his ball

The Cat with his Ball Ring is an open ring for women that has a small chain on one end. The chain ends with a small bell.

Besides the Quality of the jewel to miniaturize all these details, your ring is singular and moves with your movements. The little bell is very cute and puts you in mind your kitten playing at home. With a very cool design, where the bell can go through the cat's head, you will enjoy this innovative ring!

The Cat is easily recognizable by the round head and pointed ears. Very cute, you will appreciate having a feminine and distinguished ornament on your finger. Easily adjustable, it can be taken off and put on every day without any problem, ideal if you want to combine it with other cat rings

Features of the cat ring
  • Design: open ring, with chain and bell
  • Materials: durable steel