Cat Ring Crystal

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Your Adorable Crystal Cat Ring is colorful and will fill you with positive energy with its well-cut white, green and pink crystals.

What we like most is the cat silhouette design: soft and curvy, it is a sitting cat looking at us, with its body turned to the side.

The head turned towards us underlines the interest we have aroused in this feline, who offers us his full attention.

Different crystals adorn the cat's body: a white stone for the head, a green stone for the chest, a pink stone for the trunk, and a multitude of shiny stones for the paws.

Refined and all in luminous reflections, this crystal ring will match very well with your evening dress and complete your chic and glamorous style. This is what we call a Cocktail Ring: a lavish, eye-catching piece of jewelry to show off your high social class.

Features of your cat ring
  • Design: Cocktail Ring: cat silhouette covered with precious stones
  • Materials: Gold plated metal alloy, Zircon stone (diamond-like shine)