Cat Pouch Hoodie

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Discover our best seller. The ultimate Cat Pouch Hoodie ! Keep your furry ball close to you heart.

You don't know how to live without your cat ? Or maybe you've been separate for a long time and he needs his mom to comfort him constantly ? We got you covered ! 

Keep your kitty close to you 

The Cat Pouch Hoodie and its mesh openings will allow your furry kid to look outside and breathe normally.

Without risk, your cat can stay close to your body and feel its warmth. Hidden under your sweatshirt, he'll feel safe and secure. Don't be surprised if he purrs, it's a good sign.

Comfort your cat !

Your sweatshirt with cat pocket is solid color with a first zip in the middle of your chest. And also, at the level of your abdomen a white cat head with two big eyes which are in fact openings for your cat. Below the head is the second zipper. Like a car hood, the cat head opens wide and your pet can get out easily.

Features of the Cat Pouch Hoodie 

  • Practical: cotton and polyester sweatshirt for women, machine washable at 30¬į Celsius
  • Side pockets to put your hands
  • Bonus: on the hood of your sweatshirt, two spikes that will give you nice ears very nice.