Cat Pencil Case

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To put your pens or your makeup, choose a pretty kit with the Cat Pencil Case.

Its side handle is very practical for carrying or just to hang it on a wall hook
Available in black or white, it is big enough to put your pencils and pens and your school supplies. For the fashion conscious, the Cat case will hold your makeup needs: brushes, blush, etc.

On the white Cat kit, you will see small cat head patterns with the mention "meow" inside.

On the Black Cat case, you will see the words "Cat is always right" on the side.

The closure is a metal zipper, guaranteeing safe and long lasting regular use.

The handle is very convenient to take the kit out of your bag, or drawer, or cabinet where it is previously stored.

About the Cat Pencil Case 

  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 8 cm (6,5x3")
  • Materials: Silicone imitation leather
  • Closure: Zip