Cat Jewelry Holder

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A practical and so original Cat Jewelry Holder...

You are used to rectangular, round or square boxes? Change for the Sitting Cat Jewelry Box which offers you a super original mechanism!

The back of the cat opens to offer the necessary space to receive your jewelry. Like a car hood, open and close the "door" easily.

Very beautiful, the cat shape represents a beautiful sitting cat in White or Black with a blue bell necklace. Moreover its eyes are also of a brilliant blue.

The ears adorned with shiny stones are golden, like the tail of the feline.

With its compact size and pretty design, the Sitting Cat jewelry box will find its place as a collectible on your dresser or vanity as a practical item to use.

Compact Size: (approximately) Height 70mm x Width 35mm x Depth 30mm (3x1,5x1")