Cat Humidifier

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A practical 3 in 1 tool. The Cat Humidifier

Another exceptional find on our store with the Ultrasound Cat Humidifier! A nugget combining in a small format 3 functions: Humidifier, Essential Oils Diffuser, Fan/Window

This adorable 3-in-1 Ultrasonic Humidifier will effectively reduce radiation from your computer screen, relieve the discomfort of dry air, refresh the air and moisturize the skin.

Safe and easy to use, this item is ideal for use in air-conditioned rooms, offices, bedrooms or cars etc.


The ultrasonic mechanism is the most advanced and environmentally friendly. By breaking up the particles of essential oils, it diffuses the vapor easily and everywhere in the house and lets you enjoy a fine particle of water in the air.

Essential Oils Diffuser:

The Ultrasonic Cat Humidifier sends essential oils into the air. This helps to purify the air: when we breathe this oil, it soothes and tranquilizes us. You are relaxed in your home and enjoy your life.

Fan / Night light:

With its Usb port, connect the mini Fan or LampLED provided. Enjoy a soft breeze at your desk or light as a bedside lamp. The LED technology is synonymous with energy saving.

Here you find a useful, environmentally friendly, ingenious and very cute design. Combine the features of this humidifier: for example, the fan allows you to direct the water vapors, or direct the lamp while breathing the pleasant essential oils.
Quiet (noise < 30db), this diffuser will not disturb your sleep or baby's sleep at all.

Use of the Diffuser:
1-Press once = continuous diffusion
2-Press again = intermittent diffusion, every 3 seconds
3-Press a third time = turn off diffusion.

Using the USB port (near the steam port):
Long press 1.5 sec = turn on the Usb port and light on the humidifier
Second long press 1,5 sec = turn off the light on the humidifier
Third long press 1,5 sec = turn off the Usb port

Technical specifications of the Cat Humidifier :

  • Dimensions: 13,5 x 9,3 x 9,3 cm (5x4x4")
  • Current: 400mA
  • Power: 2W
  • Continuous diffusion time: about 10 hours.
  • Intermittent diffusion time: about 20 hours.
  • Turns off automatically after : 8 hours.