Cat Hoop Earrings

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Stand out with the refined and fun Cat Hoop Earrings !

Thanks to the Cat and Gears Earrings, give free rein to your offbeat style and impress your entourage with an original and unusual design. By linking the symbols of the cat, the gear, the chains, your jewelry brings a raw atmosphere that blends very well with the codes of the alternative culture.

You will be able to share your tastes with a new and very interesting tribe that will be eager to show you its wonders and include you in the troupe. You'll also meet some cat owners who won't hesitate to identify you as a potential new member of their big family. Show them you're as great as they are!

Cat Hoop Earrings features

  • Superb quality: black painted metal, glossy and stylish effect.
  • Superior design: These Cat Hoop Earrings are a ingenious combination of style.