Cat Folding Mirror

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To put in every handbag, the Cat pocket mirror is very cute and super practical: it opens and folds up to ensure optimal protection

Information about the Cat Folding Mirror

  • Usage: cat bag mirror, makeup mirror, feminine mirror
  • Dimensions: 80x64mm (3x2,5")
  • Opening: side
  • Materials: metal
The cat mirror takes the head of a cat with two small pointed ears and draws the eyes, the muzzle, the whiskers of the feline. It opens like a book to reveal the mirror inside.

Compact size, it can be carried in your bag or pocket and opens and closes very quickly. One side is metallic and the other side is the mirror.

You can hold the metal part in the palm of your hand and leave the mirror open upwards to easily direct your reflection without leaving fingerprints.

Very resistant, your accessory will not break and will remain useful for a long time.