Cat Face Mug

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Enjoy a stunning and cute Cat Face Mug that you can close with its airtight lid.

With its elongated shape, the large Mug will hold nearly 600mL of hot and invigorating drink. A superior capacity that will save you trips to the kitchen!

White in color, the Coffee Mug is decorated with a beautiful Cat design on one side AND a smaller version on the other side. The black handle curves like a cat's tail to complete the look.

The cup has a flared design, a little narrower at the bottom and wider at the top. Convenient for dipping your cookie or toast in.

Cat Face Mug Features

The Mug has a diameter of 3,54" / 9cm on the top and can be closed tightly with its lid. Practical if you need to keep a little heat while your guests arrive
Height: 6,3" / 16cm for a capacity of 600mL