Cat Door Stopper

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Your door will not move anymore thanks to this 3D cat door stopper

Cat Door Stopper Features

  • A very cute Door Blocker for a safe and secure home.

  • In 3D, this Cat looks at you tenderly with its cheery eyes when you walk by.

  • With a strong grip, it blocks your door and doesn't leave a mark on the floor. Your floor stays intact.

  • We often need to get some fresh air, but to avoid opening the door too much, we always use a door stopper.

  • The 3D Cat Door Stopper is made of colorful, high quality silicone and has a cute cat shape with a strong, durable design that guarantees years of use.

  • The 3D Cat Door Stopper with its back legs made in such a way that they do not scratch the floor and door surface like other metal stoppers, but to perfectly block the door, also its two front legs and pendant ensure your safety in case of infringement.

  • The 3D Silicone Door Stopper is also made to be easily wedged under the doors without letting any bad smell. All in interior decoration, this beautiful cat will put an end to door slamming.

  • With an original design that will certainly charm your guests, the door wedge is suitable for all surfaces such as carpet, concrete, tile and wood.

  • If you are tired of hearing the doors of the house slamming at every turn, then remedy the problem by purchasing a 3D silicone doorstop.

  • Here we have doorstops in the shape of cats, companions that will be the peaceful guardians of your doors. This big cat with his friendly face will be the guardian angel of your doors, he will stand guard so that it does not close by accident.