Cat Contact Lens Container

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For the contact lens wearers, here is for you the Cat Lens Case specially made to move safely and serenely in case of failure of the lenses in your eyes.

  • You can replace them wherever you are and whenever you want because it is easily transportable.
  • This cat lens case consists of a case for each lens (right and left), a bottle of cleaning fluid, a suction cup to remove the lens directly from the eye and also a small soft lens clip without forgetting the upper part of the case which contains a mirror to help you with the handling.
  • This simple and practical contact lens case that has all the necessities to keep your contacts in good condition is ideal for travel, lightweight and easy to carry.
  • This box, perfectly sealed is an original gift for women and puts you in a good mood, also with its beautiful design.
  • This standard resistant plastic box kit will be a good choice for your vacations and also your daily life and will allow you to store your hard or soft lenses, with their cleaning solution.
  • If you want to put some organization and color in your purse, with this beautiful cat lens box that matches your mood, then don't delay in adding it to your cart because you are in the right place at the right time.
  • A Master Cat has to be forward thinking, especially when it comes to his or her attentive Eyes. With this Travel Case, CatView carries everything you need:
  • case for each lens, right and left
  • bottle of cleaning fluid
  • suction cup to remove the lens directly from the eye
  • a small soft lens clip

Cat Contact Lens Container features:

  • Department: hygiene, health
  • Product type: Contact lens carrying case
  • Design type: Cute cat
  • Materials: Resistant plastic alloy
  • Toxic: Non-toxic to the environment
  • Contains: 1x case, 1x liquid bottle, 1x suction cup, 1x clip