Cat Climbing Tree with HOMI Toy

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With HOMI, a cat tree that will suit both small and large cats like the maine coon!

With a height of 34" / 85 cm, it will satisfy your cat's desire to climb without the danger of height. Remember that the world looks much bigger from your cat's eyes and this height is already impressive for him.

Very solid, it will help your companion to make its claws and to relax its paws. It also helps your cat to stretch and release all forms of stress.

The HOMI tree house is ideal for sleeping away from prying eyes.

  • When well rested, your maine coon will easily get out and stretch on the tree pillar and scratch the rope, which contributes to its muscular relaxation.
  • After resting and petting, it's time to play! On the Maine Coon cat tree, your pet will find a plush ball to scratch and play with!
  • Instructions included