Cat Canvas Tote Bag

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Join the Mistresses who love freedom but don't make bad choices: this Cat Canvas Tote Bag holds all your necessities while staying stylish.

A zip closure so you don't have to think "did I drop something?"

Are you part of the big cat family? Here is for you the beautiful tote bag printed with the cat family pattern to gather your purchases.
This tote bag cat decorated by pretty faces of cats and kittens is very practical by its size, it is easily worn on the shoulder, usable for shopping, beach outings, outings to the park or in the woods, it is perfect for carrying important objects and hyper practical with its two very strong handles.

An impressive and versatile capacity: 12 liters!
This bag made of polyester, has a capacity of 12L and contains an inside pocket that allows you to protect your important items without forgetting its zip closure that comes to bring the final touch.
The Tote Bag Chat is the perfect bag for ladies, active moms and women who are always running, school and work.

It is also light yet strong and will accompany you everywhere (at work, to carry your documents, at school if you are a student, but also at the beach or on vacation).

This shoulder bag is very practical to accompany you in your various activities throughout the day.

Assets of the Cat Canvas Tote Bag

  • Quality: felt style finish: soft and pleasant touch. Solid construction
  • Materials: cotton canvas
  • Dimensions: width 16,5" x height 12,5" (42 x 32 cm)