Cat Basket with Toy

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This will keep your cat busy and he won't have to run around looking for his toys.

They will be right under him when he wakes up! The Cat Basket with Circuit allows your cat to have fun from his bed one last time before resting like a King!

The basket is like a slanted bowl. It gives your cat easy access to the basket. Rigid, you will use the included cushion to give your companion the best bed possible.

The bowl is placed on a track with two cat balls. The balls will roll around the track with your paws and your cat will train his instincts and extend his play time!

The circuit is placed on the ground and will not slip thanks to its non-slip feet. It offers a stable and safe sleeping area for your pet.

Dimensions (cm) Bowl width 40, Circuit width 35, Total height 31cm (16x14x12")