Cat Basket Oyasumi Futon

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Give him the restful sleep he really needs with the Oyasumi Japanese Futon!

In Japanese, "Oyasumi" comes from the expression "Oyasumi nasai", which means "good night". That's exactly what you're going to give your four-legged friend

  • A world-renowned comfort
The futon is adopted worldwide for its thick cotton padding that supports the spine while being soft and comfortable.

With its adorable little cushion, give him this Japanese cat bed for a restful sleep and keep your four-legged friend healthier!

  • Temperature regulating cotton
To keep your cat warm all night long, cotton is your best bet! Like your bed cover, you know you're not losing heat and are always sleeping peacefully.

The Cat Futon keeps the same temperature inside and guarantees a regulated and soothing sleep.

  • Easy to maintain
With its zip opening, you have access to the two removable cushions that you can remove to wash the cover separately in the machine. Always keep the futon clean and welcoming for your pet

  • A very warm lambskin option
In addition to cotton, enjoy an even fluffier imitation lambskin cover. Ideal for demanding cats who sleep nearly 15 hours a day.

  • 3 sizes for your pets
S, M, L, three sizes for all your furry companions, whether they are small like a ferret or big like a dog!

Give them the comfort of the Japanese culture now